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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tycho know that Angela's explanation about the two men who came out of the building is a lie?
(a) The men are Robin's father and his brother.
(b) One of the men bears a striking resemblance to Angela.
(c) One of the men is his own uncle.
(d) The men don't speak English.

2. What reason does Dido give for being worried about Angela driving the car on the winding road home?
(a) The road is too dark, and Dido is worried that Angela will get lost.
(b) The car is not insured, and she is worried it will break down.
(c) The road is dangerous, with a lot of traffic.
(d) Dido thinks Angela is not a very careful driver.

3. How is the man Angela believes to be her father described in Chapter 5?
(a) A rich, successful, well-dressed businessman.
(b) A gentle person.
(c) Well-groomed but unattractive.
(d) Happy-go-lucky.

4. Where is the building the two men emerge from?
(a) At a fork between two roads.
(b) At the edge of a dark woods.
(c) Beside a deep pond.
(d) At the convergence of three roads.

5. How does Angela rationalize her father's reaction to seeing her?
(a) She says it is understandable that he wouldn't acknowledge her in public.
(b) She thinks perhaps she is mistaken and the man isn't really her father.
(c) She convinces herself that her father didn't recognize her.
(d) She convinces herself that her father is just shocked to see her.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Angela and Dido are discussing whether being exposed to loud music is good or bad, what view does Dido take?

2. Richard is groaning about the possibility that Africa will return home. What does Tycho tell him?

3. Angela's mother's name is ____.

4. Angela has indicated that she is taking Tycho to an unknown place but won't tell him where. Where is she taking him?

5. As Angela and Tycho are leaving the house, his mother reminds him to buy a present for Africa. Why?

Short Essay Questions

1. The day after Angela sees Roland in the coffee shop, she wakes up with a new determination. What is she determined to do?

2. It is clear, in the conversation Angela and Tycho have in the gully after their community service project, that Tycho has been affected by his father's disability. How do we know this?

3. How does the author make clear that Angela and the man in the coffee shop who resembles her are from entirely different worlds?

4. Describe the scene in which Tycho and his family are introduced in the second chapter.

5. Although Tycho does not appear until Chapter 2, we learn a fair amount about him through being privy to Angela's thoughts. How is Tycho described in the first chapter?

6. In Chapter 7, Dido acts in a way that is out of character for her. Describe why.

7. Angela asks for Tycho's help in carrying out her plan to confront her father in his office. What does her asking Tycho, rather than someone else or rather than going to the office alone, tell us?

8. When Tycho attempts to talk Angela out of her plan to visit her father's office, Angela's response gives the reader an idea of how well she actually understands Tycho. How is this made clear?

9. What happens when Angela and Tycho come to a coffee bar on the street?

10. What does Angela tell Tycho about the men they see in the coffee shop, and how does he respond?

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