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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who keeps staring at Angela while she waits in Roland's office?
(a) The receptionist.
(b) Roland's business partner.
(c) No one; she is alone.
(d) The security guard.

2. The person sitting beside the car is injured. What kind of injury does the person have?
(a) A broken neck.
(b) An arm injury.
(c) A cut face.
(d) A leg injury.

3. During Angela's midnight visit to Tycho's, she tells him he must never _____.
(a) Want another girl.
(b) Drink as much as she has tonight.
(c) Tell Dido she has been drinking.
(d) Ask questions about Roland.

4. Before Tycho and Angela leave for her house in Chapter 13, what do they do?
(a) Sweep the floor and feed the cat.
(b) Call Tycho's parents.
(c) Tidy up and have tea.
(d) Tidy up and eat bagels.

5. Why is Dido suspicious when Angela goes out to meet Tycho as he drives up the hill toward her house?
(a) Angela has told her that the friendship with Tycho is finished.
(b) Dido thinks Angela wants to ask Tycho to take her to Roland's.
(c) Dido doesn't like Tycho.
(d) Angela has never done that before.

6. When Angela tells Roland she wants nothing from him, he hints that ______.
(a) He has a great dislike of Dido.
(b) There is no proof she is biologically related to him.
(c) There is no formal proof that she is Dido's actual daughter.
(d) His real name isn't Roland.

7. In Chapter 10, who says, "Life's a real old puzzle, isn't it?"
(a) Hamish.
(b) Tycho's mother.
(c) Tycho's father.
(d) Tycho.

8. In Chapter 14, Angela's most personal fear is revealed. What is it she fears?
(a) That some harm will come to Roland.
(b) That some harm will come to Tycho.
(c) That she will never see Robin again.
(d) That some harm will come to Dido.

9. Tycho's family is scheduled to go to a party. Who is the party for?
(a) Hamish.
(b) Africa and Hamish.
(c) Africa.
(d) Africa and Hudson.

10. Roland seems to know that Angela is shocked by what he has told her. What does he say to try to make her feel better?
(a) He tells her he has tried to contact her through the years, but Dido refuses to let him see her.
(b) He tells her that he did love Dido at the time that Angela was conceived.
(c) He says he wouldn't have been an asset in her life, and she is better off with just Dido as a parent.
(d) He tells her that he is sorry for what has happened and asks her to forgive him.

11. In Chapter 13, it is clear that until now Tycho has been _______.
(a) An intellectual.
(b) A virgin.
(c) Too shy to make a pass at Angela.
(d) Afraid of cats.

12. Although the midnight encounter with Angela has changed Tycho in some ways, Chapter 13 demonstrates that he is still his usual practical self. How?
(a) He insists on making sure they have enough bus fare before they leave the house.
(b) He takes an umbrella in case it starts to rain.
(c) He checks to make sure there is gas in the car before they drive off.
(d) When Angela suggests he get rid of his jacket, he says it is not worn out yet.

13. As Chapter 14 opens, what is Angela doing?
(a) Running down the hill toward the car accident.
(b) Looking for a telephone.
(c) Running away from the car accident.
(d) Walking toward home.

14. IN Chapter 11, why did Dido call Tycho earlier in the day?
(a) To ask him over for dinner.
(b) To ask how things went with Roland.
(c) To tell him not to call Angela anymore.
(d) To see if he knew where Angela was.

15. Tycho asks his mother where his name originated. What does his mother tell him?
(a) There is a star called Tycho, and his mother thought that was a romantic name.
(b) Her great-great-grandfather was named Tycho.
(c) She saw the name in a magazine at a doctor's office.
(d) She saw the name in an advertisement on television.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the events of the night before, why does Tycho seem jubilant.

2. Tycho's mother knows Tycho has a crush on Angela. What does she tell him?

3. Tycho's conversation with Dido reveals his mother's feelings about Angela more clearly. Why?

4. While Angela was at the bar, what was she drinking?

5. When Tycho tells his mother that he gave Angela $10 rather than buy a gift for the party, how does his mother react?

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