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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Roland's comment that he is not the only red-haired man in town is meant to imply what?
(a) That Dido was promiscuous.
(b) That Angela was not born in the town.
(c) That Dido lied to Angela.
(d) That Roland has not actually met Dido.

2. As Chapter 14 opens, what is Angela doing?
(a) Looking for a telephone.
(b) Running down the hill toward the car accident.
(c) Walking toward home.
(d) Running away from the car accident.

3. During Angela's midnight visit to Tycho's, she tells him he must never _____.
(a) Want another girl.
(b) Ask questions about Roland.
(c) Tell Dido she has been drinking.
(d) Drink as much as she has tonight.

4. When Roland finally agrees to speak with Angela, how does he refer to her?
(a) Angela.
(b) Ms. May.
(c) Mademoiselle.
(d) Dido May's daughter.

5. When Tycho arrives home from his outing with Angela, he finds his family discussing ____.
(a) What type of liquor they will take to the party later in the evening.
(b) Richard's refusal to go to the party.
(c) Whether they will go to the party.
(d) Who else will be at the party.

6. The person sitting beside the car is injured. What kind of injury does the person have?
(a) A broken neck.
(b) A leg injury.
(c) A cut face.
(d) An arm injury.

7. When Angela tells Roland about growing up poor, what does he disclose to her?
(a) That he never sent child support payments to Dido.
(b) That he didn't even know she existed.
(c) That he doesn't really care about what she's experienced.
(d) That Dido refused to take money from him for Angela.

8. During their phone call, Dido tells Tycho that she is worried. What is she worried about?
(a) That Angela will not forgive her for the mistruths she has told about Roland.
(b) That Angela has been in an accident.
(c) That Angela might harm herself.
(d) That Angela has run away.

9. In Chapter 12, which character says, "Chance favors the prepared mind"?
(a) Tycho.
(b) Richard.
(c) Angela.
(d) Roland.

10. Angela tells Tycho that she left the bar with a stranger but decided not to sleep with him. Why not?
(a) She doesn't love him.
(b) She doesn't know his last name.
(c) She thought he looked a bit insane.
(d) She doesn't want a bad reputation.

11. When Angela and Tycho arrive at the scene of the car accident, who asks for their help?
(a) A stranger who has also stopped to help.
(b) The police officer.
(c) Phil.
(d) Jerry.

12. While Tycho and his mother are talking in the kitchen, what is his mother doing?
(a) Washing dishes.
(b) Rolling a cigarette.
(c) Rolling out pie dough.
(d) Drinking tea and knitting.

13. When Angela wakes up after her evening in the bar, she realizes ____.
(a) She has forgotten to call Tycho.
(b) She has a hangover.
(c) She has left her purse at the bar.
(d) She has forgotten to call her mother.

14. Dido finally tells Angela the truth about how she and Roland parted. What does she say?
(a) Roland joined the Army, and she didn't know where he was.
(b) Roland promised to divorce his wife so he could marry Dido.
(c) Dido broke up the relationship because she didn't love Roland.
(d) Roland promised to marry her but then disappeared to Australia, and Dido has not seen him since.

15. Once he gets off the phone with Dido, Tycho goes outside. What is he planning to do?
(a) Go to look for Angela.
(b) Watch Jupiter.
(c) Watch the street for any sign of Angela.
(d) Have a cigarette.

Short Answer Questions

1. What traumatic event happens just after Tycho and Angela spot a car they think is Dido's as they walk toward her house?

2. As Chapter 15 ends, who turns up at Tycho's house?

3. In Chapter 13, it is clear that until now Tycho has been _______.

4. In Chapter 12, what revelation does Angela make to Tycho that surprises him?

5. When Tycho wakes up the morning after the party, his family is not there. Why?

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