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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once he gets off the phone with Dido, Tycho goes outside. What is he planning to do?
(a) Go to look for Angela.
(b) Have a cigarette.
(c) Watch the street for any sign of Angela.
(d) Watch Jupiter.

2. Just as Angela and Tycho free the person trapped in the car, what happens?
(a) The car explodes and catches fire.
(b) The police arrive.
(c) Tycho dies.
(d) Black fog rolls in off the river.

3. Tycho believes Angela is out of his league because she is beautiful, and he doesn't think he is very attractive. His mother tells him that beauty is only skin deep. What is Tycho's response?
(a) That his mother is only spouting platitudes.
(b) That that is more than deep enough.
(c) That beauty is as beauty does.
(d) That beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

4. When Tycho tells his mother that he gave Angela $10 rather than buy a gift for the party, how does his mother react?
(a) She is upset because she doesn't like Angela.
(b) She is angry and accuses him of never thinking of anyone but himself.
(c) She understands why Tycho chose to do so, once she hears the whole story.
(d) She tells Tycho that because he has no gift, he cannot go to the party.

5. Roland's comment that he is not the only red-haired man in town is meant to imply what?
(a) That Roland has not actually met Dido.
(b) That Dido was promiscuous.
(c) That Dido lied to Angela.
(d) That Angela was not born in the town.

6. Before the surprise phone call Angela receives, Dido has started to tell her about the past. What has she learned about the caller?
(a) Roland disappeared to Australia when he found out Dido was pregnant.
(b) Africa is having an affair.
(c) Roland is not actually her father.
(d) Her grandmother offered Dido money to have an abortion when she was pregnant with Angela.

7. During Angela's midnight visit to Tycho's, she tells him he must never _____.
(a) Drink as much as she has tonight.
(b) Tell Dido she has been drinking.
(c) Want another girl.
(d) Ask questions about Roland.

8. What is the significance of the slogan "The Ionions Rule!" in Chapter 12?
(a) It is the slogan on the book Tycho is reading.
(b) It is the slogan of the drink Angela had at the bar.
(c) It is printed on the t-shirt Angela bought Tycho.
(d) It is the slogan of an advertisement Tycho hears on the radio.

9. What traumatic event happens just after Tycho and Angela spot a car they think is Dido's as they walk toward her house?
(a) The car speeds up and passes by them.
(b) The car catches fire.
(c) The car plummets off the bridge.
(d) The car crashes into one of the uprights on the bridge.

10. When it is clear that Tycho is going to try to help the person trapped in the car, how does Angela initially react?
(a) She says Tycho is a hero.
(b) She is angry at Tycho for playing hero.
(c) She says it is too late and pleads with him to stay clear of the car.
(d) She faints.

11. Tycho tells his mother he doesn't want to go to the party. What excuse does he first give?
(a) There is an occultation of two of Jupiter's moons that he wants to see.
(b) That he has a headache.
(c) There is a good movie on television that he doesn't want to miss.
(d) There is an eclipse that he wants to watch.

12. How does Roland initially act toward Angela in Chapter 9?
(a) He is hostile and rude.
(b) He smiles.
(c) He tells her he is glad to meet her.
(d) He is polite.

13. Tycho asks his mother where his name originated. What does his mother tell him?
(a) She saw the name in an advertisement on television.
(b) Her great-great-grandfather was named Tycho.
(c) She saw the name in a magazine at a doctor's office.
(d) There is a star called Tycho, and his mother thought that was a romantic name.

14. How does Chapter 12 end?
(a) Tycho's mother comes home and finds Angela there.
(b) Tycho takes Angela home.
(c) Angela falls asleep on the sofa.
(d) Angela and Tycho go to bed together.

15. As Chapter 14 opens, what is Angela doing?
(a) Running down the hill toward the car accident.
(b) Walking toward home.
(c) Looking for a telephone.
(d) Running away from the car accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Angela tells Roland about growing up poor, what does he disclose to her?

2. When Tycho finally gets home at the end of the book, who does he meet as he is coming through the gate to his house?

3. Tycho's conversation with Dido reveals his mother's feelings about Angela more clearly. Why?

4. Who do Angela and Tycho discover sitting in the brush beside the car?

5. In Chapter 12, which character says, "Chance favors the prepared mind"?

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