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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Tycho and his mother are talking in the kitchen, what is his mother doing?
(a) Washing dishes.
(b) Drinking tea and knitting.
(c) Rolling a cigarette.
(d) Rolling out pie dough.

2. When Tycho tells his mother that he gave Angela $10 rather than buy a gift for the party, how does his mother react?
(a) She tells Tycho that because he has no gift, he cannot go to the party.
(b) She understands why Tycho chose to do so, once she hears the whole story.
(c) She is angry and accuses him of never thinking of anyone but himself.
(d) She is upset because she doesn't like Angela.

3. As Chapter 15 ends, who turns up at Tycho's house?
(a) Angela.
(b) Africa's new boyfriend.
(c) Hudson.
(d) A newspaper reporter.

4. Tycho's mother knows Tycho has a crush on Angela. What does she tell him?
(a) She says he should forget about Angela.
(b) Everyone falls for an unsuitable person at some point, but the feeling will pass.
(c) She says Tycho should tell Angela how he feels.
(d) She says Tycho should be happy just being friends because Angela does not return his feelings.

5. When it is clear that Tycho is going to try to help the person trapped in the car, how does Angela initially react?
(a) She faints.
(b) She says it is too late and pleads with him to stay clear of the car.
(c) She is angry at Tycho for playing hero.
(d) She says Tycho is a hero.

6. Tycho believes Angela is out of his league because she is beautiful, and he doesn't think he is very attractive. His mother tells him that beauty is only skin deep. What is Tycho's response?
(a) That beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
(b) That beauty is as beauty does.
(c) That his mother is only spouting platitudes.
(d) That that is more than deep enough.

7. When Tycho wakes up the morning after the party, his family is not there. Why?
(a) They've been in an accident.
(b) They've gone shopping.
(c) His father has become ill, and the family stayed at Africa's overnight.
(d) They've gone on vacation.

8. What does Tycho do while Angela is in the bathroom?
(a) Calls Dido.
(b) Fixes her a drink.
(c) Fixes them a snack.
(d) Looks through her purse.

9. After the events of the night before, why does Tycho seem jubilant.
(a) He has has slept with Angela.
(b) He has read the "The Catalogue of the Universe" all the way through.
(c) He has had a haircut.
(d) He is relieved that Angela has not harmed herself.

10. During Angela's midnight visit to Tycho's, she tells him he must never _____.
(a) Want another girl.
(b) Drink as much as she has tonight.
(c) Tell Dido she has been drinking.
(d) Ask questions about Roland.

11. When Tycho hears what has happened in Roland's office, how does he try to comfort Angela?
(a) He tells her that Dido loves her, and he is crazy about her.
(b) He tells her that Roland is no good, anyway.
(c) He asks her to forget about Roland now that she knows the truth.
(d) He hugs her and tells her that he understands.

12. What traumatic event happens just after Tycho and Angela spot a car they think is Dido's as they walk toward her house?
(a) The car plummets off the bridge.
(b) The car speeds up and passes by them.
(c) The car crashes into one of the uprights on the bridge.
(d) The car catches fire.

13. In Chapter 10, who says, "Life's a real old puzzle, isn't it?"
(a) Tycho's father.
(b) Hamish.
(c) Tycho.
(d) Tycho's mother.

14. During their telephone call, Dido and Tycho promise each other ____.
(a) Not to mention to Tycho's mother that they've talked.
(b) To contact the other if they hear from Angela.
(c) Not to mention to Angela that they've talked.
(d) To contact each other the next day.

15. Dido asks Tycho a pointed question during their telephone call. What does she ask?
(a) She asks if Tycho has a crush on Angela.
(b) She asks whether Tycho was aware of Angela's plan to meet Roland.
(c) She asks if Tycho had given Angela the idea of trying to meet Roland.
(d) She asks if Tycho thinks Robin is a suitable match for Angela.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dido explains why she didn't answer the phone the previous night. What does she say?

2. Who do Angela and Tycho discover sitting in the brush beside the car?

3. Roland seems to know that Angela is shocked by what he has told her. What does he say to try to make her feel better?

4. When Angela and Tycho arrive at the scene of the car accident, who asks for their help?

5. Tycho's family is scheduled to go to a party. Who is the party for?

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