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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Dido give for being worried about Angela driving the car on the winding road home?
(a) The road is dangerous, with a lot of traffic.
(b) The road is too dark, and Dido is worried that Angela will get lost.
(c) Dido thinks Angela is not a very careful driver.
(d) The car is not insured, and she is worried it will break down.

2. When her mother asks why Angela doesn't date Tycho instead of Robin, what reason does she give?
(a) Tycho is her best friend, and she doesn't want to ruin their friendship.
(b) She isn't attracted to Tycho.
(c) Tycho is too lighthearted.
(d) Tycho is too serious.

3. When Angela looks out the window at the beginning of the book, she sees her mother ___.
(a) In her car.
(b) In her underwear.
(c) In her jogging suit.
(d) In her nightgown.

4. How does Chapter 8 end?
(a) Tycho drives away and leaves Angela alone.
(b) Angela gets out of the car and walks toward her father's office.
(c) Angela gets out of the car, changes her mind, and gets back in.
(d) Tycho falls asleep while waiting for Angela to come back.

5. Both Angela and Tycho think that Dido doesn't renovate the house because ____.
(a) She is too much of a cheapskate.
(b) She can't afford it.
(c) She isn't planning to stay there very much longer.
(d) She enjoys a lifestyle that is inefficient and prone to difficulty.

6. Richard goads Tycho about the quote, "Nothing exists but atoms and the void," saying he is ____.
(a) So middle class.
(b) So ridiculous.
(c) So naive.
(d) So boring.

7. When Angela finds out where her father lives, what does she do?
(a) Goes to his house and rings the bell.
(b) Phones him.
(c) Nothing; she is afraid to actually face her father.
(d) Goes to his house and stands outside.

8. Tcyho and Angela park the car in Chapter 5, and as they are walking down the street, whom do they encounter?
(a) A group of misfits on bicycles.
(b) A group of misfits with motorcycles.
(c) Robin.
(d) A rough-looking man with a wheelbarrow.

9. Angela tells Tycho that she first tried to find her father by ____.
(a) Consulting the phone book.
(b) Googling his name.
(c) Hiring a private investigator.
(d) Asking her mother for details.

10. Africa changes her story in the second phone call. What does she say?
(a) She actually hit her husband.
(b) Her husband didn't hit her; he threatened to hit her.
(c) Her husband isn't even home.
(d) Her husband hit the baby.

11. When Tycho points out that her father doesn't seem very happy to see Angela, how does she react?
(a) Angela says Tycho is being too negative.
(b) Angela gets angry with Tycho.
(c) Angela says he probably didn't recognize her.
(d) Angela defends him.

12. While Angela and her mother are having breakfast, Dido interrogates Angela about ____.
(a) What Angela did the night before.
(b) Robin's character.
(c) What Angela plans to do that day.
(d) Why Angela is trying to meet her father.

13. What reasoning does Angela initially give Tycho about her plan regarding her father?
(a) She says she is attempting to meet her father for her mother's sake.
(b) She says that her father has always been a stranger and should remain so.
(c) She says she wants only to have him see her face to face.
(d) She says she wants only to hear him say her name.

14. Angela has indicated that she is taking Tycho to an unknown place but won't tell him where. Where is she taking him?
(a) To her house.
(b) To a cemetary.
(c) To a coffee shop.
(d) To a magazine store.

15. Tycho confides to Angela that when he was younger he had a reputation as ____.
(a) Crazy.
(b) Shy.
(c) Too mature.
(d) Subnormal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Being from a single-parent family, Angela considers herself part of _____.

2. What philosophical idea does Tycho discuss with Angela?

3. Near the end of Chapter 8 Tycho agrees to ______.

4. Tycho refers to his past attempts to impress people by making them think he was ____.

5. When Angela asks her mother to tell her how her parents met, her mother says it was ____.

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