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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angela's best friend's name is ___.
(a) Robert.
(b) Tyler.
(c) Tycho.
(d) Robin.

2. What is Angela's nickname for her best friend?
(a) Tyko.
(b) Pal.
(c) Tai.
(d) Tyke.

3. Angela's mother says she couldn't stay with Angela's father because ____.
(a) He didn't know she was pregnant.
(b) He was married.
(c) He didn't love her.
(d) He was moving to Wales.

4. What does Angela say that indicates she has romanticized the relationship between her mother and father?
(a) That Roland is miserable without Dido but noble to have chosen to stay with his wife.
(b) That they are married in every cell of Angela's body.
(c) That if Roland met Angela, he would remember how much he loved Dido.
(d) That her mother and father are in love, despite the passing of time.

5. What motivates Angela to search for her father?
(a) She senses her mother is not telling her the whole truth.
(b) She wants to find out for sure if her father is dead.
(c) She senses that her mother wants to reunite with her father.
(d) She wants to ask him for financial help for her and her mother.

6. At the beginning of Chapter 7, when Angela wakes up the morning after seeing her father, what does she decide to do?
(a) To write him a letter.
(b) To ask her mother to tell her the whole story about the relationship between Dido and Roland.
(c) To go back to the venue where she saw him the day before.
(d) To go to his office and confront him.

7. Angela's mother says she values two things in her life, _____ and Angela.
(a) Solitude.
(b) Creativity.
(c) Tycho.
(d) Art.

8. What was the story that Dido used to recount to Angela titled?
(a) "Angela Roland."
(b) "The Great Chase."
(c) "The Great Mystery."
(d) "The Mysterious Chase."

9. As Angela and Tycho are leaving the house, his mother reminds him to buy a present for Africa. Why?
(a) It is her birthday.
(b) It is her first wedding anniversary.
(c) It is her second wedding anniversary.
(d) It is her baby's birthday.

10. Who drives the car in Chapter 8?
(a) Tycho.
(b) Jason.
(c) Richard.
(d) Angela.

11. In Chapter 4, which character speaks the line: "Where do we go from here?"
(a) Tycho.
(b) Robin.
(c) Angela.
(d) Dido.

12. How does the man Angela believes is her father react when he sees her?
(a) He gapes at her in disbelief and then turns his back.
(b) He smiles and then goes back out the door.
(c) Nothing; he doesn't see her.
(d) He gapes at her in disbelief and then asks her name.

13. When Angela asks her mother to tell her how her parents met, her mother says it was ____.
(a) An accident.
(b) Romantic.
(c) Like a movie.
(d) Like a fairy tale.

14. Robin and Angela make plans to meet later at the ____.
(a) Dance.
(b) Usual spot.
(c) Cemetary.
(d) Cafe near the school.

15. In Chapter 3, how is Tycho portrayed?
(a) Funny but somewhat dim-witted.
(b) Responsible but lazy.
(c) Responsible, serious, and trustworthy.
(d) Irresponsible but kind.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angela tells Tycho that she first tried to find her father by ____.

2. Chapter 4 reveals that, with respect to Robin, Tycho feels ____.

3. Africa's son is named ____.

4. Africa changes her story in the second phone call. What does she say?

5. What is the purpose of the early-morning phone call in Chapter 2?

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