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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Angela resort to threats in an attempt to get Tycho's support for her plan?
(a) She is afraid he will succeed in talking her out of her plan.
(b) She knows he will not allow her to go through the experience alone.
(c) She is manipulative by nature.
(d) She knows Tycho has a crush on her and can be forced to do whatever she asks of him.

2. In Chapter 4, which character speaks the line: "Where do we go from here?"
(a) Tycho.
(b) Robin.
(c) Angela.
(d) Dido.

3. While Angela and Dido are discussing whether being exposed to loud music is good or bad, what view does Dido take?
(a) It is a silly thing to do because it can damage someone's hearing.
(b) It is a test of stamina.
(c) It is a test of intelligence.
(d) It is fine as long as someone doesn't do it constantly.

4. In Chapter 8, Angela meets up with Tycho again, and tells him ____.
(a) About her idea that Roland is not really her father.
(b) That she is going to forget about trying to meet her father.
(c) That Dido and Angela had an argument.
(d) About her plan to go to her father's office.

5. Chapter 4 reveals that, with respect to Robin, Tycho feels ____.
(a) Guilty.
(b) Admiration.
(c) Intimidated.
(d) Jealous.

6. Which is the eldest of the siblings in Tycho's family?
(a) They are triplets.
(b) Richard.
(c) Tycho.
(d) Africa.

7. Tycho confides to Angela that when he was younger he had a reputation as ____.
(a) Too mature.
(b) Shy.
(c) Subnormal.
(d) Crazy.

8. When Angela asks her mother to tell her how her parents met, her mother says it was ____.
(a) Like a fairy tale.
(b) Like a movie.
(c) Romantic.
(d) An accident.

9. Angela's mother's name is ____.
(a) Dina.
(b) Didi.
(c) Dido.
(d) Diana.

10. Chapter 5 highlights the huge difference between Angela's and Roland's ____.
(a) Sense of humor.
(b) Looks.
(c) Lifestyle.
(d) Attitudes toward life.

11. Angela looks to Tycho to affirm that her curiosity about her father is natural. How does he respond?
(a) Tycho says Angela is being obsessive.
(b) Tycho says he doesn't understand why Angela doesn't just leave the past in the past.
(c) Tycho says that giving in to natural curiosity doesn't always bring about hoped-for results.
(d) Tycho says natural curiosity should be explored.

12. Africa's husband's name is ____.
(a) Harvey.
(b) Harrison.
(c) Hudson.
(d) Hamish.

13. Dido used to tell Angela a story about a young girl. What was the girl's name?
(a) Dido Roland.
(b) Angela Roland.
(c) Roland Chase.
(d) Angela Foster.

14. What is Angela's nickname for her best friend?
(a) Tai.
(b) Tyko.
(c) Pal.
(d) Tyke.

15. What does Angela do when the two men enter the building she and Tycho are in?
(a) Removes her sunglasses and stares at one of the men.
(b) Turns her back.
(c) Pretends she doesn't see the two men.
(d) Starts talking to Tycho and ignores the men.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Tycho's response to Angela's plan regarding her father?

2. Africa changes her story in the second phone call. What does she say?

3. Near the end of Chapter 8 Tycho agrees to ______.

4. Angela likes to hear the story of the relationship between her mother and father because it makes her feel ____.

5. Robin and Angela make plans to meet later at the ____.

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