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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, The Catalogue of the Universe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Both Angela and Tycho think that Dido doesn't renovate the house because ____.
(a) She can't afford it.
(b) She is too much of a cheapskate.
(c) She isn't planning to stay there very much longer.
(d) She enjoys a lifestyle that is inefficient and prone to difficulty.

2. Tycho's mother knows Tycho has a crush on Angela. What does she tell him?
(a) Everyone falls for an unsuitable person at some point, but the feeling will pass.
(b) She says he should forget about Angela.
(c) She says Tycho should be happy just being friends because Angela does not return his feelings.
(d) She says Tycho should tell Angela how he feels.

3. What does Angela do when the two men enter the building she and Tycho are in?
(a) Removes her sunglasses and stares at one of the men.
(b) Starts talking to Tycho and ignores the men.
(c) Pretends she doesn't see the two men.
(d) Turns her back.

4. Angela wants Tycho to agree that wanting to meet her father is reasonable. What does Tycho say in response?
(a) "It's reasonable. But is it realistic?"
(b) "What's the use of being reasonable when no one else is?"
(c) "It's reasonable to want to know who your parents are. But that doesn't mean they'll want to know who you are."
(d) "What's the point in being reasonable when it doesn't get you what you want?"

5. Despite her anger with Dido about Roland in Chapter 13, Angela bursts into tears when she finds out _____.
(a) Dido is not in the car.
(b) Dido is badly hurt in the accident.
(c) The car is totalled, but Dido has escaped with only minor injuries.
(d) Dido's is trapped in the car, but she is unharmed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Tycho confides to Angela that when he was younger he had a reputation as ____.

2. How does Roland initially act toward Angela in Chapter 9?

3. Tycho says people avoided him when he was younger because ___.

4. As Tycho and Angela approach the car in Chapter 14, what do they hear?

5. What is the significance, in Chapter 3, of the quote, "Nothing exists but atoms and the void."

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