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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16, The Catalogue of the Universe.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tycho do while Angela is in the bathroom?
(a) Fixes her a drink.
(b) Fixes them a snack.
(c) Calls Dido.
(d) Looks through her purse.

2. Angela tells Dido that the night before, she and Robin went to hear a band at ____.
(a) The Gladiator.
(b) The Victoria Club.
(c) The Gladstone.
(d) The Gladheart.

3. What does Angela reveal to Tycho that she spent the $10 he gave her on?
(a) A gift for him.
(b) A taxi ride to Tycho's house.
(c) Drinks at the bar.
(d) A taxi ride to the bar.

4. When it is clear that Tycho is going to try to help the person trapped in the car, how does Angela initially react?
(a) She says Tycho is a hero.
(b) She faints.
(c) She is angry at Tycho for playing hero.
(d) She says it is too late and pleads with him to stay clear of the car.

5. In Chapter 12, which character says, "Chance favors the prepared mind"?
(a) Tycho.
(b) Richard.
(c) Roland.
(d) Angela.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angela tells Tycho about her evening. She says she has been at a bar called ____.

2. While Angela was at the bar, what was she drinking?

3. Near the end of Chapter 8 Tycho agrees to ______.

4. Before Tycho and Angela leave for her house in Chapter 13, what do they do?

5. Tcyho and Angela park the car in Chapter 5, and as they are walking down the street, whom do they encounter?

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