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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, A Leap into the Abyss.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 8, Angela meets up with Tycho again, and tells him ____.
(a) About her idea that Roland is not really her father.
(b) That Dido and Angela had an argument.
(c) That she is going to forget about trying to meet her father.
(d) About her plan to go to her father's office.

2. Tycho says people avoided him when he was younger because ___.
(a) His mother is mean.
(b) His father is disabled.
(c) They were afraid he would be rude to them.
(d) Richard spread lies about him.

3. What was the story that Dido used to recount to Angela titled?
(a) "The Great Chase."
(b) "The Mysterious Chase."
(c) "Angela Roland."
(d) "The Great Mystery."

4. After Angela calls Dido in Chapter 13, she and Tycho decide to walk to her house because _____.
(a) Angela's car is in the shop for servicing.
(b) Tycho's car is broken down.
(c) Richard refuses to let Tycho use the car.
(d) It is Saturday morning, and there are no buses until later.

5. After the events of the night before, why does Tycho seem jubilant.
(a) He has has slept with Angela.
(b) He has read the "The Catalogue of the Universe" all the way through.
(c) He has had a haircut.
(d) He is relieved that Angela has not harmed herself.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Angela know that she keeps from her mother?

2. What does Angela threaten when she hears what Tycho has to say about her plan?

3. Angela points out a sign on a building to Tycho. What does the sign say?

4. What does Tycho do while Angela is in the bathroom?

5. What does Tycho learn in the course of the phone call he makes?

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