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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, Midnight Appointments.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tycho tells his mother he doesn't want to go to the party. What excuse does he first give?
(a) That he has a headache.
(b) There is an eclipse that he wants to watch.
(c) There is an occultation of two of Jupiter's moons that he wants to see.
(d) There is a good movie on television that he doesn't want to miss.

2. When Tycho arrives home from his outing with Angela, he finds his family discussing ____.
(a) What type of liquor they will take to the party later in the evening.
(b) Whether they will go to the party.
(c) Richard's refusal to go to the party.
(d) Who else will be at the party.

3. What is the significance, in Chapter 3, of the quote, "Nothing exists but atoms and the void."
(a) Tycho has pinned this quote over his bed.
(b) Tycho quotes this to Richard.
(c) Angela has given Tycho a card with this quote on it.
(d) Tycho's father is an atomic scientist.

4. Angela's mother says she couldn't stay with Angela's father because ____.
(a) He didn't know she was pregnant.
(b) He was married.
(c) He was moving to Wales.
(d) He didn't love her.

5. While Angela and Dido are discussing whether being exposed to loud music is good or bad, what view does Dido take?
(a) It is a test of stamina.
(b) It is fine as long as someone doesn't do it constantly.
(c) It is a silly thing to do because it can damage someone's hearing.
(d) It is a test of intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tycho learn in the course of the phone call he makes?

2. When Angela asks her mother to tell her how her parents met, her mother says it was ____.

3. While Tycho and his mother are talking in the kitchen, what is his mother doing?

4. When Angela tells Roland about growing up poor, what does he disclose to her?

5. Chapter 3 reveals that Tycho's mother is effectively the head of the household. Why?

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