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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14, The Dragon's Cave.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tycho's mother expresses her opinion of Angela. What does she say?
(a) Angela is from a broken home, so she is unstable.
(b) Angela is stuck-up.
(c) Angela is just using Tycho.
(d) Angela is unfriendly and negative.

2. What philosopher does Tycho mention in Chapter 4?
(a) Socrates.
(b) Galileo.
(c) Pythagoras.
(d) Marx.

3. Angela tells Tycho about her evening. She says she has been at a bar called ____.
(a) Hamden's.
(b) Haydon's.
(c) Harvie's.
(d) Hudson's.

4. What does Angela say that indicates she has romanticized the relationship between her mother and father?
(a) That Roland is miserable without Dido but noble to have chosen to stay with his wife.
(b) That they are married in every cell of Angela's body.
(c) That if Roland met Angela, he would remember how much he loved Dido.
(d) That her mother and father are in love, despite the passing of time.

5. In Chapter 9, how is Roland's office building described?
(a) An elegant warehouse.
(b) Boring and efficiently laid out.
(c) Huge but ugly.
(d) A pink-and-cream structure.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once he gets off the phone with Dido, Tycho goes outside. What is he planning to do?

2. Africa's son is named ____.

3. What reasoning does Angela initially give Tycho about her plan regarding her father?

4. Angela tells Dido that the night before, she and Robin went to hear a band at ____.

5. In Chapter 3, how is Richard described?

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