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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, Foreign Relations.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Angela realizes that Dido has lied to her. What does Roland tell her that reveals the lie?
(a) That Dido has kept in contact with him all these years.
(b) That Roland is not married and has no children.
(c) That Roland wasn't aware of her existence.
(d) That Roland's children are aware of Angela.

2. When Angela tells Roland about growing up poor, what does he disclose to her?
(a) That he never sent child support payments to Dido.
(b) That he didn't even know she existed.
(c) That Dido refused to take money from him for Angela.
(d) That he doesn't really care about what she's experienced.

3. How does Chapter 8 end?
(a) Angela gets out of the car and walks toward her father's office.
(b) Tycho drives away and leaves Angela alone.
(c) Angela gets out of the car, changes her mind, and gets back in.
(d) Tycho falls asleep while waiting for Angela to come back.

4. Tycho counts the hours until _____.
(a) He has to go to school.
(b) He has to go to work.
(c) He can leave home for good.
(d) He will see Angela again.

5. Angela wants Tycho to agree that wanting to meet her father is reasonable. What does Tycho say in response?
(a) "It's reasonable. But is it realistic?"
(b) "What's the point in being reasonable when it doesn't get you what you want?"
(c) "It's reasonable to want to know who your parents are. But that doesn't mean they'll want to know who you are."
(d) "What's the use of being reasonable when no one else is?"

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Angela resort to threats in an attempt to get Tycho's support for her plan?

2. Being from a single-parent family, Angela considers herself part of _____.

3. Who interrupts the discussion between Angela and Roland?

4. When Robin offers to pick Angela up later in the day, she refuses. Why?

5. How does Angela rationalize her father's reaction to seeing her?

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