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Tycho's Quotations

This object is pinned above the bed of the main character's best friend.

Angela's House

This location has no indoor plumbing.

Tycho's Telescope

This object is used by one of the characters to contemplate the sky.

The Catalogue of the Universe

The main character's best friend reads this while waiting in a car.

Tycho's Ionians Rule T-Shirt

This object is a gift given by the main character to her best friend.

The Family Car

This object is a bone of contention within the Potter family.

The Cherry's Car

This object is involved in an accident.

Dry Creek Road

This location is the site of a terrible car accident.

Roland's Office

This is the site of an initial meeting between the main character and her father.

Angela's Drink in the Bar

The main character enjoyed a few of these, which a stranger bought for her in hopes...

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