The Catalogue of the Universe Character Descriptions

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Tycho - This character is central to the story and is described as introverted, shy, and intellectual. This character is the best friend of the main character, whom he has a crush on.

Angela May - This character is the main character and is described as tall, attractive, and popular, and gives the impression of being confident and self-assured. This character is determined to meet her father.

Dido May - This character is unconventional, a free spirit, and something of an eccentric who enjoys solitary activities and chooses to live in an out-of-the-way location.

Mrs. Potter - This character is somewhat stereotypical and is described as being very bound by rules and structure. This character has a difficult time adjusting to change and is suspicious of those who do things in a different way.

Mr. Potter - This character plays a minor part in the novel and...

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