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Chapter 1, Moonshine

• Angela May and her mother, Dido, are introduced.

• Angela wakes up in the middle of the night to find her mother scything the lawn.

• Angela asks Dido to tell her the story of how she met Roland, Angela's absent father.

• Dido tells the familiar story. She and Roland were in love. Angela was a wanted child, but the couple could not marry because Roland had a wife and children already, and he did the noble thing and kept his family intact.
• Angela questions Dido about whether a reunion is possible between DIdo and Roland, but Dido says she is too tired to put energy into a romantic relationship.

• Dido says the two things she values are Angela and solitude, and there is no room in her life for anything else.

• Angela goes back to bed thinking about Tycho, her best friend, and Robin, her boyfriend.

• Angela's...

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