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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Cross in his house the night after his surprise party?

2. What music does Mr. Smith have playing on his CD player in the farmhouse before he kills Sante?

3. How does Soneji feel as he hurries through the tunnels beneath Bellevue Hospital?

4. What color hair does Sondra Greenberg have?

5. What office is on the main floor of Bellevue Hospital about which Soneji gets nervous?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Cross try to save Pierce from killing himself?

2. How does Cross try to live his life differently after the Mr. Smith case is closed?

3. What does Christine like about Laura Dixon's first grade students?

4. Does Sampson become angry with Pierce for leaving to go to Paris?

5. What happens to the Cross family the night of Cross' surprise party?

6. What does Cross notice about Pierce's apartment?

7. How does Mr. Smith interfere with Cross' time with his children in the grocery store?

8. What does Pierce remember about the unusual detail in his Cambridge foyer on the night Isabella is murdered?

9. What is the first clue Pierce leaves after he has killed Isabella?

10. After Mr. Smith autopsies Sante, what does he do?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Soneji's and Cross' final confrontation. Where does it take place, and how difficult is it for Cross to defend himself? How is Soneji killed in the end?

Essay Topic 2

What role(s) does Nana Mama play in Cross' life? Choose three textual examples that help identify her role(s) and her influence on Cross.

Essay Topic 3

How does having the AIDS virus fuel Soneji's rage and desire to make others pay for what he sees as his undeserved death? Provide textual examples to support your opinion.

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