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Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day is it when Soneji comes up from Detective Goldman's basement and sees the clock on the Sony television?

2. Where is Isabella Calais killed?

3. Cross describes his older brother as what?

4. What architectural style is Alex Cross' house?

5. What is Christine planning to have for dinner before she agrees to go out to eat with Cross?

Short Essay Questions

1. Does Mr. Smith enjoy listening to music when he kills? If so, what kind of music?

2. Why does the press call Mr. Smith an alien?

3. What is Soneji's state of mind when he arrives at Penn Station?

4. How do Cross' children help heal him following the events at Union Station?

5. What number is important to Soneji in Union Station?

6. What happens when Cross stops at the Sojourner Truth School and waits until Christine comes out to her car?

7. Soneji wants to be recognized for what?

8. Describe Soneji's encounter with Jean Summerhill.

9. What is Kyle Craig's opinion of Thomas Pierce?

10. What is Detective Gorza's view of his partner, Detective Goldman?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the plot development of this novel. How does the author connect the two stories of Soneji and Mr. Smith?

Essay Topic 2

How do Cross and Sampson work together as partners? Do they seem to have a good relationship? How can you tell?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Pierce Thomas. How do other characters respond to him? What does he think of himself? What fatal flaw does his character have?

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