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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pierce steal in Bay Head, New Jersey?
(a) Food.
(b) A BMW convertible.
(c) A newspaper.
(d) Money.

2. Why does Pierce think that Mr. Smith has not attacked the Cross family?
(a) They would all be mutilated and dead if he had attacked them.
(b) He is already dead.
(c) He does not attack children.
(d) He is not in town.

3. Who tells Nana Mama the truth about Cross' condition?
(a) Kyle Craig.
(b) Sampson.
(c) Thomas Pierce.
(d) The hospital staff.

4. What does Pierce receive at 2:15 AM when he is searching for Sante?
(a) A letter.
(b) A phone message.
(c) An email from Mr. Smith.
(d) A fax.

5. Cross says to blame Craig for what in Chapter 102?
(a) Getting them up early in the morning.
(b) Overstatements about Cross' near death state in the hospital.
(c) Bad food service.
(d) Lack of water bottles.

6. What evidence from the Cross attack do police find near the cellar?
(a) A dropped glove.
(b) A baseball cap.
(c) A fingerprint.
(d) A shoe print.

7. How tall is Sampson?
(a) Five feet ten inches.
(b) Five feet four inches.
(c) Six feet.
(d) At least six feet six inches.

8. What significance does the novel "Stranger in a Strange Land" have for Mr. Smith?
(a) He has a copy signed by the author.
(b) It is his father's favorite book.
(c) He takes his name from it.
(d) He has a first edition copy.

9. Where is Pierce seen on the same day a victim disappears when he is supposed to be in Rome?
(a) London, England.
(b) San Francisco, California.
(c) Boston, Massachusetts.
(d) Frankfurt, Germany.

10. What kind of jokes do Pierce and Greenberg share when they are searching for Mr. Smith?
(a) Knock-knock jokes.
(b) Crude jokes.
(c) Practical jokes.
(d) Space-visitor jokes.

11. Where does Martin Straw live?
(a) Concord, Massachusetts.
(b) New York City.
(c) New Jersey.
(d) Paris.

12. Into what hospital is Cross admitted after he is attacked?
(a) Bon Secour.
(b) Washington Medical.
(c) St. George's.
(d) St. Anthony's.

13. What does Pierce find in Conklin's house that he identifies as Soneji's?
(a) Gourmet food.
(b) A stash of televisions.
(c) A train set.
(d) Airplane models.

14. What is Soneji carrying with him when he enters Grand Central Station?
(a) A Walkie Talkie.
(b) A bag of groceries.
(c) A baby.
(d) A police badge.

15. On what street is the FBI headquarters located in Washington?
(a) K Street.
(b) Pennsylvania Avenue.
(c) Jefferson Street.
(d) Capitol Street.

Short Answer Questions

1. What occupation does Pierce's father have?

2. What does Mr. Smith cut from Isabella's body?

3. What does Christine say she wants very much in Chapter 97?

4. How long has Cross known Craig?

5. At what time does Cross arrive at Pierce's apartment in Cambridge?

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