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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the chief inspector in Chapter 2?
(a) Steven.
(b) Rick.
(c) Paul.
(d) Drew.

2. What is Christine planning to have for dinner before she agrees to go out to eat with Cross?
(a) Sugar Puffs.
(b) A turkey sandwich.
(c) Chinese takeout.
(d) Eggs and toast.

3. What does Cross bring to Christine on their second date?
(a) A box of chocolates.
(b) A bouquet of flowers.
(c) A red rose.
(d) A bottle of champagne.

4. How does Soneji describe Cross when he sees him outside the train?
(a) Five ten and muscular.
(b) Short and slim.
(c) Average height and pudgy.
(d) Six three and well-built.

5. Where do the NYPD detectives say Soneji is believed to have been headed in a cab?
(a) Downtown.
(b) To the Bronx.
(c) Uptown.
(d) To Brooklyn.

6. In Chapter 41, what is the color of the upstairs walls?
(a) Yellow.
(b) Green.
(c) Blue.
(d) White.

7. What is stuck in the rain gutter on the Cross' home?
(a) Tree limb.
(b) Kite.
(c) Leaves.
(d) Ball.

8. Where does Cross find Roni?
(a) In her bedroom.
(b) Tied up in a cellar closet.
(c) Hiding under the porch.
(d) In the woods.

9. Mr. Smith is listening to what kind of music as he kills the police inspector?
(a) Country music.
(b) Opera.
(c) Jazz.
(d) Rock and roll.

10. What reaction does Cross get from Damon when he is about to leave for his date with Christine?
(a) Disapproval.
(b) Laughter.
(c) Doubt.
(d) Dismay.

11. What does Cross realize Soneji has done to the rifle that has been firing shots?
(a) It is on a timing device.
(b) It has been jammed.
(c) It has been thrown over the balcony.
(d) It has been stolen from a policeman.

12. What kind of car does Cross drive when he drops his children off at their school?
(a) Mazda.
(b) Porsche.
(c) Honda.
(d) BMW.

13. What does Soneji use to watch Cross at the school?
(a) Binoculars.
(b) Glasses.
(c) Video camera.
(d) Telescopic sight on a rifle.

14. When does Cross' pager beep in Chapter 21?
(a) After he has kissed Christine.
(b) When he is waiting for Christine.
(c) Before he gets out of the car.
(d) Right after he has left work.

15. Where does Chet Elliott work?
(a) The FBI Detective Offices.
(b) The Administration for FBI.
(c) The FBI's Scientific Analysis Section.
(d) The NYPD.

Short Answer Questions

1. Cross says Soneji has told him in an interview that he did what as a young boy?

2. What does Mr. Smith leave for Sondra Greenberg?

3. Whom does Cross find at the crack house in Brooklyn?

4. What item does Soneji want as a boy, but never gets?

5. What name does the press call Mr. Smith?

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