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Prologue: Catch a Spider, Chapters 1-2

• Gary Soneji wants to punish the detective Alex Cross for the years he has spent in jail.

• He plans to commit crimes that will make him famous.

• Soneji watches Cross' house from across the street and notices evidence of the children who live there.

• He sees the silhouette of an old woman inside the house.

• He enters the house, hides in the basement, and enjoys looking through the family's belongings while thinking that they will all soon be dead.
• Mr. Smith, a brutal killer who has victims in Europe and the United States, has the London police stymied because there is no pattern to his killings.

• His first victim is Isabella Calais, a young woman from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

• His latest victim is the London Chief Inspector.

• As Mr. Smith watches him die, he thinks about the press coverage of the murder.

• He...

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