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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14-18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The sky turns all but which color?
(a) Orange.
(b) Purple.
(c) Red.
(d) Yellow.

2. What is the name of the Princess of Ingary?
(a) Victoria.
(b) Velma.
(c) Valeria.
(d) Valkyrie.

3. How many constables arrive at the inn?
(a) 2.
(b) 3.
(c) 4.
(d) 5.

4. What wish is the genie unable to grant?
(a) A soft bed.
(b) Raining gold.
(c) Providing a feast.
(d) Finding Flower.

5. What is Kabul's wish?
(a) Gold.
(b) Horse.
(c) Woman.
(d) Feast.

Short Answer Questions

1. The genie claims that he likes the old man because he shines with _____.

2. What color is the inn?

3. Abdullah wishes for ____ to live a life of ease.

4. Which of the princes did not step forward?

5. The artist gives ____ reasons as to why he thinks Abdullah is mad.

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