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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Abdullah often dreams of being kidnapped by a ____.
(a) Prince.
(b) Genie.
(c) Traveling salesman.
(d) Bandit.

2. What is the total amount of Abdullah's bill?
(a) 12 coppers.
(b) 3 coppers.
(c) 8 coppers.
(d) 5 coppers.

3. What color are the lamps that hang in the trees?
(a) Blue and red.
(b) Pink and white.
(c) Blue and green.
(d) White and yellow.

4. How many of the pictures were found by the sultan?
(a) 78.
(b) 82.
(c) 121.
(d) 104.

5. A stranger approaches Abdullah with the hopes of selling a ______.
(a) Magic carpet.
(b) Genie.
(c) Horse.
(d) Portrait.

Short Answer Questions

1. Abdullah wakes to the oppressive the smell of ____.

2. The sultan claims that he will allow ___ to attack Abdullah.

3. Which item does Abdullah promise to provide to the Princess?

4. Abdullah often dreamed of creating a perfect ___.

5. The sultan refers to Abdullah as the son of a(n) ____ excrement.

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