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Magic - A main object in the book that is associated with everything in the land of Zanzib, from the fortune teller's prophecy to the wares being sold by the merchants at the Zanzib Bazaar.

Fate - It is sometimes referred to as destiny.

Zanzib - This is a land located in the desert. It is home to Abdullah, the carpet merchant.

Ingary - This is a nearby kingdom.

Sultanates of Rashpuht - These emirates are a group of kingdoms under rule by various Sultans.

Desert - The majority of the story takes place in and around this area.

Kingsbury - This is the final stop for the soldier and Abdullah before finding the castle in the air.

Djinns - These are hideous, magical creatures.

Castle in the Air - This item was stolen from Howl and Sophie.

Genie - This is one of the great elements...

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