Castle in the Air Character Descriptions

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A young carpet merchant who is the main character in Castle in the Air.


This is the princess to whom Abdullah is betrothed.


This is Abdullah's friend and the owner of the booth next to Abdullah's in the Zanzib Bazaar.

Abdullah's Father's Relations

This group includes Fatima along with Abdullah's hateful cousins by marriage - Assif and Hakim.

The Old Soldier

This person claims to have been unceremoniously tossed out of the Strangian army after they were defeated by the army of Ingary.

The Genie

This character is discovered when Abdullah lands in the desert.


This is the djinn that wreaks most of the havoc in the story.


This is Hasruel's half- brother.


This character appears as an adult cat in the story.


This character first appears in the story as an adorable kitten.

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