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Chapters 1-4

• The reader is introduced to Abdullah.

• Abdullah works as a carpet merchant in a Bazaar.
• Abdullah is plagued by his father's family.

• Abdullah is considered to be a failure.
• A stranger offers to sell a magic carpet to Abdullah.

• Abdullah purchases the magic carpet.

• Abdullah is transported to a beautiful garden.
• Abdullah meets a beautiful princess named Flower-in-the-Night.

• Abdullah falls in love with the princess.

• Flower is betrothed to a prince.
• Flower has never seen a man other than her father.

• Abdullah buys portrait of men at the Bazaar.

• Abdullah takes the pictures to Flower to prove that he is a man.

• Flower agrees to marry Abdullah.
• Abdullah returns to the Bazaar to prepare for his elopement.

• Abdullah visits his father's family and learns about his prophecy.

Chapters 5-9

• Abdullah wakes and is happy to see Flower.

• Abdullah asks Flower to elope with him.

• A djinn...

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