Casting the Runes, and Other Ghost Stories Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Canon Alberic's Scrapbook

* Canon Alberic's Scrapbook

* A man named Dennistoun visits the town of S. Bertrand de Comminges.

* He wants to visit S. Bertrand Church to document its history.

* The caretaker shows Dennistoun around but seems nervous and scared.

* Dennistoun goes to the caretakers house, and he shows him the scrapbook that was once owned by Canon Alberic de Mauleon.

* Dennistoun buys the scrapbook.

* When he goes back to his room, a demon appears.

* Deniistoun photographs the picture and then burns it.

The Mezzotint

* The Mezzotint

* Dennistoun speaks with a friend called Mr. Williams who works for a museum.

* Mr. Williams orders a painting of a manor house.

* The picture of the house appears to change.

* Eventually those who view the painting see a creature steal a baby from the home.

* Mr. Williams learns that the man who lived in the house (and painted the picture) had caught...

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