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Short Answer Questions

1. Who traced the car to Bond?

2. Where does Bond see Vesper coming from?

3. What does Bond think is wrong in this chapter?

4. Why does Bond want to sleep with Vesper?

5. What is Bond worried about writing in this chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the note to Vesper say in Chapter 14?

2. Why is Vesper terrified in Chapter 25?

3. How does Le Chiffre torture Bond in Chapter 17?

4. What is Bond's opinion on Vesper and her kidnapping?

5. Who saves Bond in Chapter 18?

6. How does Le Chiffre cause Bond to crash in Chapter 16?

7. What does the doctor tell Bond in Chapter 19?

8. Describe Bond's situation when Le Chiffre comes in to talk to him in Chapter 17.

9. What decision does Bond make at the end of Chapter 23?

10. How has Bond and Vesper's relationship changed in Chapter 14?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine Bond's character across the whole series.

1) How does Fleming develop Bond's character across the whole series?

2) Does Casino Royale add any new elements to Bond's character? If so, what?

Essay Topic 2

Casino Royale is written in the third person. Why do you think Fleming chose to write the story in the third person? How do you think the meaning of the story would have changed if it were written in the first person?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay revolving around the following idea: Fleming uses Bond 's character to express his true ideas about society.

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