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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Le Chiffre drinking when he enters?

2. What does the SMERSH agent use to mark Bond?

3. What does Vesper say Bond does not really know?

4. Why does Vesper say people are islands?

5. What does Vesper tell Bond to reassure him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Bond say about heroes and villains in Chapter 20?

2. In what way does Bond's relationship with Vesper improve?

3. How does Le Chiffre cause Bond to crash in Chapter 16?

4. What does the M carved in Bond's hand signify?

5. Why is Bond worried about seeing Vesper?

6. What advice does Mathis give Bond in Chapter 20?

7. What prompts Bond and Vesper to move upstairs?

8. What happens to Vesper in Chapter 14?

9. Why does Bond fear for Vesper in Chapter 16?

10. What does Vesper's note say?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine violence in the novel.

1) How do the characters in the novel view violence? Are there are character that would think twice before shooting or hitting someone?

2) Do the characters need to be violent to cope in the world that Fleming portrays?

3) How do the students think the public reacted to the novel's violence when it was first published? How would the public react to such a book today?

Essay Topic 2

Pick a character from the novel and discuss his/her goals and motives. Does he/she achieve his/her motives? Does he/she share similar goals and motives with other characters? Do his/her goals clash with other characters? How do the character's goals and motives affect his/her interactions with each other?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Fleming's life. In what ways do you think his life and personality are reflected in the book? Where could he have learned about the world of espionage? In what ways is he like or unlike Bond?

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