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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the surprise destination?
(a) A motel
(b) A SMERSH agents house
(c) A seaside inn
(d) The Kremlin

2. Where does Le Chiffre hit Bond with the carpet beater?
(a) His feet
(b) The genitals
(c) His backside
(d) His stomach

3. Who is the man with the eye patch?
(a) A Swiss businessman
(b) A marquis
(c) A SMERSH spy
(d) A Czech politician

4. Where has Mathis asked Vesper to meet him?
(a) The hotel lobby
(b) The hotel lounge
(c) His hotel room
(d) The Hermitage

5. What does one of Le Chiffre's men do to Bond's chair?
(a) Puts pins on the seat
(b) Cuts off one of the legs
(c) Cuts out the seat
(d) Take off its back

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Le Chiffre do when Bond does not respond to his questions?

2. What do Bond and Vesper drink at dinner?

3. Where does the SMERSH agent shoot Le Chiffre?

4. Where does Bond go for a swim in this chapter?

5. What does the SMERSH agent carve into Bond's hand?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Bond's true feelings about Vesper as outlined in Chapter 22?

2. What does Bond say about heroes and villains in Chapter 20?

3. What does the M carved in Bond's hand signify?

4. What do you think Vesper's speech about islands reveals about her character?

5. Who saves Bond in Chapter 18?

6. Describe Bond's situation when Le Chiffre comes in to talk to him in Chapter 17.

7. How has Bond and Vesper's relationship changed in Chapter 14?

8. What advice does Mathis give Bond in Chapter 20?

9. What decision does Bond make at the end of Chapter 24?

10. Describe Bond and Vesper's dinner date.

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