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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who traced the car to Bond?
(a) M
(b) S
(c) Mathis
(d) Leiter

2. What does Le Chiffre say he found in Bond's hotel room?
(a) His money
(b) His ID
(c) His hidden code book
(d) His diary

3. Why is Bond not excited by Vesper?
(a) She has no humor
(b) She is too distant
(c) She is ugly
(d) She is too nice

4. What does Vesper say Bond does not really know?
(a) Her
(b) His job
(c) People
(d) Life

5. What does Bond write in this chapter?
(a) His report
(b) His diary
(c) A postcard
(d) A telegram

6. Who is the note to Vesper sent from?
(b) Bond
(c) Mathis
(d) Leiter

7. Why is Bond angry with M?
(a) For not doing the job himself
(b) For sending him a woman
(c) For not sending him enough money
(d) For not phoning him

8. Where does Bond think women should stay?
(a) In the office
(b) In the kitchen
(c) In their mother's tummies
(d) Heaven

9. What does Bond decide he is going to ask Vesper?
(a) To lend him some money
(b) To make love again
(c) To borrow her gun
(d) To marry him

10. Which of the following does Le Chiffre carry into the room with him?
(a) A horse whip
(b) A carpet beater
(c) A thumb screw
(d) A vacumn cleaner

11. Who does Bond not want to see in this chapter?
(a) Mathis
(b) Leiter
(c) Vesper
(d) M

12. What does the SMERSH agent carve into Bond's hand?
(a) A figure of eight
(b) A naked woman
(c) A smiling face
(d) An inverted M

13. Why is Vesper working for the Russians?
(a) She was being blackmailed
(b) She was a Russian national
(c) She wanted Bond dead
(d) She was a communist

14. Where does the gunman hit Bond?
(a) In the groin
(b) In the chest
(c) In the head
(d) In the stomach

15. Who is the man with the eye patch?
(a) A SMERSH spy
(b) A Czech politician
(c) A marquis
(d) A Swiss businessman

Short Answer Questions

1. What has the SMERSH come to do?

2. What does the M carved into Bond's hand mean?

3. What does Vesper tell Bond to reassure him?

4. What is Le Chiffre drinking when he enters?

5. What does Vesper say she needed Mathis' help with?

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