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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Vesper say she needed Mathis' help with?
(a) Getting rid of Bond
(b) A surprise for Bond
(c) A housekeeping task
(d) Buying a car

2. What is Bond worried about writing in this chapter?
(a) His codebook
(b) His report
(c) An essay
(d) His diary

3. Where does Bond wake up?
(a) Hospital
(b) In the back of a car
(c) His hotel room
(d) An elevator

4. What has the SMERSH come to do?
(a) Kill Bond
(b) Watch the torture
(c) Kill Le Chiffre
(d) Borrow a book

5. What does Bond decide he is going to ask Vesper?
(a) To make love again
(b) To borrow her gun
(c) To lend him some money
(d) To marry him

6. What does Mathis bring Bond at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) His gun
(b) His codebook
(c) His check
(d) Grapes

7. What does the M carved into Bond's hand mean?
(a) Dog
(b) Killer
(c) Dead man
(d) Spy

8. What does Vesper drop when she sees the man with the eye patch?
(a) Her knife
(b) Her fork
(c) Her gun
(d) Her chop sticks

9. Where does Bond think women should stay?
(a) In the kitchen
(b) In the office
(c) In their mother's tummies
(d) Heaven

10. What excites Bond about Vesper?
(a) Her body
(b) Her brains
(c) Her tendency towards violence
(d) Her gun

11. Who is the note to Vesper sent from?
(a) Mathis
(c) Leiter
(d) Bond

12. What does one of Le Chiffre's men do to Bond's chair?
(a) Cuts off one of the legs
(b) Cuts out the seat
(c) Take off its back
(d) Puts pins on the seat

13. How is Vesper acting in this chapter?
(a) Distracted
(b) Cold and distant
(c) Bored
(d) Flirty

14. What does Bond write in this chapter?
(a) His report
(b) His diary
(c) A postcard
(d) A telegram

15. What seafood do Bond and Vesper eat for dinner?
(a) King prawns
(b) Salmon
(c) Lobster
(d) Crab

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the surprise destination?

2. What does Bond do the following morning?

3. Why is Bond angry with M?

4. What does Mathis tell Bond he should not become?

5. Who had the Soviets kidnapped?

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