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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bond sitting across from the casino table?
(a) Lady Danvers
(b) Le Chiffre
(c) Carmel Delane
(d) Monsieur Sixte

2. Who arrives to help Bond back to the hotel?
(a) Le Chiffre
(b) Mathis
(c) Lynd
(d) Leiter

3. What is Vesper excited to work with?
(a) A man with balls
(b) A double 0
(c) A triple 0
(d) A man who has been in the newspapers

4. Where does the Belgian have metal interests?
(a) South Africa
(b) Congo
(c) Brazil
(d) Cuba

5. What are the two men who approach Bond carrying?
(a) Hand bags
(b) Suit cases
(c) Umbrellas
(d) Camera cases

6. What does Bond see in Le Chiffre's eyes?
(a) Sympathy
(b) Hate
(c) Fear
(d) Love

7. What did the City of Royale start as?
(a) A forest
(b) A nature reserve
(c) A fishing village
(d) An uninhibited island

8. What is the name of Bond's new partner?
(a) Mademoiselle Hermitage
(b) Mademoiselle Lauren
(c) Mademoiselle Lynd
(d) Mademoiselle Tyke

9. Who is the main antagonist of the novel?
(a) Mathis
(b) Mr. Jock
(c) Le Chiffre
(d) Herr Jumbo

10. What is the real nationality of the three man?
(a) Bulgarian
(b) Russian
(c) Czech
(d) Slovenian

11. In what French town does Le Chiffre have business interests?
(a) Alsace
(b) Alsation
(c) Royale-les-Aux
(d) Dalmation

12. What was the blue camera case supposed to be?
(a) A bomb
(b) Laughing gas
(c) Recording equipment
(d) A smoke screen

13. What did Vesper's supervisor tell her about Bond?
(a) He would be cold
(b) He would be no fun
(c) He is not the marrying type
(d) He would want to sleep with her

14. What is Mathis posing as in this chapter?
(a) A radio presenter
(b) A television salesman
(c) A radio salesman
(d) An actor

15. What will the gunman do if Bond does not recall his challenge?
(a) Shoot him in the back
(b) Break his arm
(c) Talk to him in private
(d) Break his leg

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bond put in both his coat pockets?

2. What does Le Chiffre's gunman ask Bond to do?

3. What does Bond pretend to be after he has defeated the gunman?

4. What kind of business does Le Chiffre own in Cordon Jaune?

5. What does Bond feel pressed into his back?

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