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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who will Bond meet at the Hermitage?
(a) Gordon Brown
(b) His female partner
(c) A SMERSH agent
(d) Felix Leiter

2. Which other player does Bond observe at the table?
(a) Le Chiffre
(b) The Marquis
(c) Felix Leiter
(d) Vesper

3. What does the usher hand Bond?
(a) A telegram
(b) A large envelope
(c) A telephone
(d) A gun

4. During what war is Casino Royale set?
(a) World War II
(b) The Cold War
(c) The Boer War
(d) World War I

5. What does Vesper have information about at the end of the chapter?
(a) Mathis
(c) The bomb
(d) Le Chiffre

6. What was the red camera case supposed to be?
(a) Recording equipment
(b) A smoke screen
(c) A bomb
(d) Laughing gas

7. What is the name of the French town?
(a) Royale-le-Chiffre
(b) Normandy
(c) Les Duvet
(d) Royale-les-Eax

8. What game does Bond play at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) Poker
(b) Roulette
(c) Rummy
(d) Blackjack

9. What does Bond have before he takes a nap?
(a) A bath
(b) A massage
(c) A shower
(d) Dinner

10. In what French town does Le Chiffre have business interests?
(a) Dalmation
(b) Alsation
(c) Alsace
(d) Royale-les-Aux

11. What color is the case the man fiddles with?
(a) Orange
(b) Blue
(c) Red
(d) Black

12. What game does Bond explain to Vesper?
(a) Soccer
(b) Roulette
(c) Baccarat
(d) Cricket

13. What is the name of Vespa's boss?
(a) Q
(b) X
(c) M
(d) S

14. What is the real nationality of the three man?
(a) Slovenian
(b) Russian
(c) Czech
(d) Bulgarian

15. What is the name of the French Casino?
(a) Casino Lourve
(b) Casino Royale
(c) Casino Landau
(d) Casino Deux

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bond meet in the breakfast room?

2. What does Bond do when he sees the two dead men?

3. What has happened to the gunman who tried to kill Bond?

4. What does Bond notice when he looks around the room?

5. Where did the police apprehend the third Bulgarian?

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