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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7, Rouge et Noir; Chapter 8, Pink Lights and Champagne.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bond have before he takes a nap?
(a) A shower
(b) A bath
(c) Dinner
(d) A massage

2. Who is Bond weary of in the hotel?
(a) The hotel stafff
(b) Eastern Europeans
(c) Foreigners
(d) The couple next door

3. What is the real nationality of the three man?
(a) Czech
(b) Bulgarian
(c) Slovenian
(d) Russian

4. What are the two men who approach Bond carrying?
(a) Suit cases
(b) Umbrellas
(c) Hand bags
(d) Camera cases

5. What kind of business does Le Chiffre own in Cordon Jaune?
(a) Disco
(b) Diner
(c) Brothel
(d) Bar

Short Answer Questions

1. In what French town does Le Chiffre have business interests?

2. What game is Bond playing in the opening chapter?

3. What type of car does Bond have?

4. Who does Le Chiffre work for?

5. What is the first thing Bond notices about Lynd?

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