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A fictional seaside town in the north of France. It is located in the region of Brittany near the mouth of the Somme River.

Casino Royale

This is the Casino where much of the action of the novel takes place.

Hôtel Splendide

The hotel in Royale-les-Eaux where Bond is staying. It is adjacent to the casino.

Salle privée

French for "private room" and the room in the casino where the wealthy high rollers play.


A card game, similar to blackjack. It is a game of chance requiring little skill or strategy.


A casino game of chance. It uses a wheel and players bet on red, black or green and/or the numbers one through thirty-seven.


A tool with a long handle and a large racket-like head.


An expensive British-made car.


It is one of the ingredients in Bond's martini which...

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