Casino Royale Character Descriptions

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James Bond

He is a bachelor and enjoys the finer things in life--expensive clothes, champagne and fine food. He has killed two people in the past, earning him "double-0 status."

Le Chiffre

He is an agent for the USSR stationed in France. He has a pale complexion, a clean-shaven face and red-brown hair. His eyes are brown, his mouth is small with fake teeth.

Vesper Lynd

She is a Briton and is the assistant to the Head of S. She has dark black hair cut short and square. She normally wears no makeup except lip stick. She is beautiful.


He has worked with Bond previously in Monte Carlo and they get along well. He is works undercover as a radio salesmen in the story.

Felix Leiter

He is a retired Marine from Texas, currently stationed with the Joint Intelligence Staff at NATO.


Bond's boss and the...

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