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Chapter 1, The Secret Agent

• British secret agent James Bond is playing roulette in the private room of the Casino Royale in the French town of Royale-les-Eaux.

• Bond observes fellow gambler Le Chiffre and notes he is winning heavily. Outside, Bond observes the layout of the building and determines it would be very difficult for Le Chiffre to rob it.
• At his hotel Bond is given a telegram from from someone in Jamaica. The telegram tells him he will receive ten million francs. It is signed "Dasilva."

• Bond examines the room and determines no one searched it in his absence. At last, Bond falls asleep with his hand on his .38 Colt Police Positive.

Chapter 2, Dossier for M; Chapter 3, Number 007

• Chapter 2 begins two weeks before Chapter 1 and details the background of Le Chiffre, the main antagonist of the novel.

• Le Chiffre is one of the Soviet's chief agents in France...

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