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Short Answer Questions

1. In what type of fields did Johnny work as a boy?

2. To whom did Johnny give the advice of "change your name and lower your voice"?

3. Who was the steadfast guitarist who played with Johnny?

4. What did Johnny comment on about being on the road?

5. Johnny stated that he lacked an all-consuming love of _____________ for which he was grateful.

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Johnny recall about himself and the other musicians who shared the Sun recording label in the 1950s?

2. What example did Johnny give to try to eliminate the romantic notions of rural life?

3. How did the song "Blue Suede Shoes" come to be written?

4. What were the three questions Johnny was always asked in interviews and what were his responses?

5. What did Johnny relate about the hard life of working in the cotton fields as a boy?

6. Where did the Cash family move in 1934?

7. What was Johnny's perspective on the term "country"?

8. What were the lyrics in Johnny's song "Man in Black" that described why he always wore black?

9. Where was Johnny Cash when he began writing this autobiography?

10. Who were Johnny's two wives and how many children did he have?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the overall setting and time period for Johnny's childhood. What was America like during this time period? What was the American South like during this time period? How important are the time period and setting to the attitudes and issues of Johnny, his family and friends?

Essay Topic 2

Substance abuse seemed to be an unnamed character in the book. How pervasive was the abuse? Why did it have such a prevalent place in Johnny's? How did it affect him? How does it affect those impacted by Johnny's abuse? Explain how an inanimate object or characteristic can be a character.

Essay Topic 3

Create a brief character study of June Carter Cash. What did she look like? What were her positive personality traits? What were some of her negative characteristics? What were her hopes and fears? What motivated her throughout her life?

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