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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the person in #106 die?
(a) Drug overdose.
(b) Terminal illness.
(c) Car accident.
(d) Gunshot wound.

2. Which news broadcaster did Johnny snarl at in an interview prior to a Carnegie Hall concert?
(a) Tom Brokaw.
(b) Mike Wallace.
(c) Walter Cronkite.
(d) Chet Huntley.

3. Two songs that were controversial for their direct messages were "Ira Hayes" and _______________.
(a) A Boy Named Sue.
(b) Cherokee Sundown.
(c) Trail of Tears.
(d) Apache Tears.

4. Where did Johnny go to recover from drug and alcohol abuse?
(a) Transitions Center.
(b) Memphis Baptist Hospital.
(c) Betty Ford Clinic.
(d) Emory Hospital.

5. To whom did Johnny compare his life in the book in #122?
(a) Judas.
(b) The Apostle Paul.
(c) John the Baptist.
(d) Lazarus.

6. In what year did Johnny first meet the Carters?
(a) 1980.
(b) 1972.
(c) 1952.
(d) 1966.

7. What did Johnny experience during his "drying out" process?
(a) Tremors.
(b) Vomiting.
(c) Hallucinations.
(d) Sleeplessness.

8. What habit did Johnny say June did to excess?
(a) Cleaned the house.
(b) Shopped.
(c) Planted gardens.
(d) Wrote poetry.

9. Who uses the video "Gospel Land" in his/her ministry?
(a) Robert Schuller.
(b) Billy Graham.
(c) Joyce Meyer.
(d) Oral Roberts.

10. In what year did Johnny and June first get together for a show?
(a) 1961.
(b) 1954.
(c) 1972.
(d) 1969.

11. When did Johnny say his career was the strongest?
(a) The mid 1950s.
(b) The late 1960s.
(c) The 2000s.
(d) The early 1970s.

12. What was June Carter's father's name?
(a) Ezra.
(b) Erskine.
(c) Eddie.
(d) Earl.

13. What culture did Johnny study during this period?
(a) Northwestern.
(b) Eastern.
(c) Southern.
(d) Western.

14. What type of songs was Ed McCurdy famous for singing?
(a) Jazz music.
(b) Bluegras music.
(c) Rap music.
(d) Irish and Scottish folk music.

15. Who was the only son born to Johnny and June?
(a) Matthew Carter.
(b) John Carter.
(c) Philip Carter.
(d) James Carter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was unique about the recording in #130?

2. What was "Chicken in Black"?

3. How many grandchildren did Johnny have at the time this book was written?

4. Port Richey is the home of ________________.

5. What did Johnny's family members gather around Johnny's hospital bed to do?

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