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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Bon Aqua.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the job of the person in #22 when he was 14?
(a) Pumping gas.
(b) Sawing lumber.
(c) Building shelves.
(d) Picking berries.

2. What genre of book is CASH?
(a) Novel.
(b) Reference.
(c) Autobiography.
(d) Biography.

3. What did Johnny comment on about being on the road?
(a) The danger.
(b) The excitement.
(c) The sameness.
(d) The detours.

4. Who was Johnny's first wife?
(a) June Carter.
(b) Carolee Simpson.
(c) Anna Morgan.
(d) Vivian Liberto.

5. Johnny described a ________________ between the young musicians in the 1950s.
(a) jealousy.
(b) competition.
(c) camaraderie.
(d) hostility.

Short Answer Questions

1. Two songs that were controversial for their direct messages were "Ira Hayes" and _______________.

2. What song did Johnny later write about his experience on the farm?

3. Where did Johnny get his love of music?

4. Who was Johnny's good friend and neighbor who lost his wife and children?

5. What was "Chicken in Black"?

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