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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Road.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Johnny think about the abilities of himself and his band in the early days?
(a) They were limited.
(b) They were average.
(c) They were excellent.
(d) They were horrible.

2. What pact did Johnny and the person in #55 make?
(a) Grow their hair long enough for a ponytail.
(b) Quit smoking.
(c) Quit drinking.
(d) Quit doing drugs.

3. What did Johnny feel limited his success in his early career?
(a) His shyness.
(b) His backup players.
(c) His family.
(d) His military duty.

4. Johnny described a ________________ between the young musicians in the 1950s.
(a) hostility.
(b) jealousy.
(c) competition.
(d) camaraderie.

5. Johnny had a real ability to __________________.
(a) mentor young talent.
(b) teach guitar.
(c) play piano.
(d) laugh at himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. At what age did Johnny begin to work in the fields?

2. In what year did Johnny Cash's ancestors settle in America?

3. How many men were killed as a result of the crime at Johnny's Jamaican home?

4. What fatal injury did the person in #22 sustain?

5. What beautiful sight did Johnny remember from living on the farm?

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