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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Port Richey.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what type of fields did Johnny work as a boy?
(a) Wheat.
(b) Cotton.
(c) Soybean.
(d) Corn.

2. How did the person in #106 die?
(a) Gunshot wound.
(b) Car accident.
(c) Drug overdose.
(d) Terminal illness.

3. What was Johnny's mother's name?
(a) Cassie.
(b) Camille.
(c) Carolee.
(d) Carrie.

4. Why did Johnny always wear the color in #47?
(a) It just felt right.
(b) It was easy to keep clean.
(c) It was best for his skin tone.
(d) It looked good on stage.

5. Who was Johnny's first wife?
(a) Anna Morgan.
(b) Vivian Liberto.
(c) Carolee Simpson.
(d) June Carter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What special treatment did celebrities receive at the Betty Ford Clinic?

2. Who was the head of Sun Records in Memphis in 1955?

3. Johnny stated that he lacked an all-consuming love of _____________ for which he was grateful.

4. In what city did Johnny first meet the Carters?

5. What was the name of the camper Johnny used to get away sometimes?

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