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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Bon Aqua.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the steadfast guitarist who played with Johnny?
(a) Luther Moore Perkins.
(b) Buddy Rich.
(c) Carl Perkins.
(d) Chet Atkins.

2. Who was Johnny's manager who first put Johnny and June together in a show?
(a) Saul Holiff.
(b) Colonel Parker.
(c) Pete Jackson.
(d) Sam Phillips.

3. What did Johnny's family members gather around Johnny's hospital bed to do?
(a) Prayed for him.
(b) Told him how he hurt them as a result of his addiction.
(c) Said goodbye to him.
(d) Sang to him.

4. What did Johnny comment on about being on the road?
(a) The excitement.
(b) The detours.
(c) The sameness.
(d) The danger.

5. What did Johnny once consider selling when he and June had financial problems?
(a) The house at Port Richey.
(b) His Jamaican home.
(c) His tour bus.
(d) His camper.

Short Answer Questions

1. What special talent did the person in #39 have?

2. What was another location Johnny mentioned in which he wanted to record?

3. What was June's mother's name?

4. In what city did Johnny first meet the Carters?

5. Where was the video "Gospel Road" filmed?

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