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Cinnamon Hill

• Johnny Cash began writing this book from his home in Jamaica called Cinnamon Hill.

• Johnny's ancestry was traced to Scottish people who moved to America in 1667 and eventually settled in Arkansas.

• Johnny's grandfather was a traveling preacher and his son, Ray, married Carrie Rivers in 1920; Johnny Cash was their fourth child, born in 1932.

• Johnny's father did the best he could for his family during the Great Depression, sometimes even hopping a train to chase any kind of work available.
• Johnny lived in Kingsland, Arkansas, until 1934 when the family moved to Dyess Colony, a government community farming project.

• Johnny went to work in the cotton fields when he was eight and he learned how hard a farming life could be.

• In 1944, Johnny's older brother, Jack, was seriously wounded at his job at a sawmill and died at the age of 14.

• Jack's death seriously impacted Johnny who lived...

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