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Gerald Posner
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time was Kennedy's death announced?
(a) 1:22 pm.
(b) 2:33 pm.
(c) 1:03 pm.
(d) 1:33 pm.

2. What time did the questioning of Oswald start according to Chapter 15?
(a) 3:30 p.m.
(b) 4:30 p.m.
(c) 1:30 p.m.
(d) 2:30 p.m.

3. Whose influence did Jim Garrison investigate in New Orleans according to Chapter 18?
(a) Political influence.
(b) Mafia influence.
(c) Communist influence.
(d) Socialist influence.

4. Where did the Warren Commission assume the first shot hit Kennedy?
(a) In the heart.
(b) In the chest.
(c) In the neck.
(d) In the head.

5. What characterized 1965 for Louisiana according to Chapter 18?
(a) Integration of the school system.
(b) Civil unrest.
(c) An election year.
(d) Riots.

6. What does the Warren Commission think the bullet mark on the curb was caused by?
(a) The third bullet was meant for Mrs. Kennedy.
(b) The bullet that entered Kennedy's head.
(c) A shooting between police and robbers the week before.
(d) The second bullet.

7. What hospital was President Kennedy rushed to after the shooting according to Chapter 13?
(a) Parkland Hospital.
(b) Park Hospital.
(c) Houston General.
(d) Dallas Central.

8. Who led the questioning of Oswald?
(a) Captain Will Fritz.
(b) Officer Kimbist.
(c) Lieutenant Hernandez.
(d) Detective Siprano.

9. Who did Ruby buy sandwiches for in Chapter 16?
(a) Marina Oswald.
(b) The police officer in charge of Oswald.
(c) Lee Harvey Oswald.
(d) The staff of KLIF radio.

10. Where did Marina think Oswald's rifle was according to Chapter 12?
(a) In the garage.
(b) In the pantry.
(c) On a shelf.
(d) Under the bed.

11. What charge was Oswald arraigned on?
(a) Being Communist.
(b) Killing the President.
(c) Killing Tippit.
(d) Wanting to go to Cuba.

12. What was inserted through the bullet exit wound in Chapter 13?
(a) An IV.
(b) A small pump.
(c) A plug.
(d) A tracheotomy tube.

13. Why was the Zapruder film not able to provide all the answers about the location of the shots?
(a) The film was not of good quality.
(b) The car is blocked from view at several times.
(c) The film was shot from too far away.
(d) The film was in black and white.

14. Who was Jim Garrison interested in during his investigation of Kennedy's death?
(a) David Ferrie.
(b) Tom Clank.
(c) David Farrey.
(d) Herbert Ferrie.

15. What did the Warren Commission conclude about the three shots fired at Kennedy?
(a) Oswald was used by the CIA.
(b) Oswald could have fired them.
(c) Oswald could not have fired them.
(d) Oswald was not alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Kennedy's electrocardiogram show according to the testimonies of the doctors and nurses at the hospital?

2. How many Americans believed Oswald acted alone according to a Gallop Poll presented in Chapter 17?

3. When did Ruby die?

4. Who was present when Oswald arrived at his rooming house after the shooting?

5. Who performed Kennedy's autopsy?

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