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Whooping Coughappears in Out of Slave's Ransom, p. 9

This is a contagious bacterial disease that involves violent coughing and severe infection.

Black-eyed Susanappears in Watkins Laundry and Apothecary, p. 14

This is a flower with yellow petals and a brown middle.

Stamensappears in The Perceiving Self, p. 17

These are the male reproductive structure of a flower.

Boutonniereappears in The Last Rose of Summer, p. 24

This is a corsage, or decorative flower piece, for a man.

Bunsen Burnerappears in Chemistry 101, p. 37

This is a piece of laboratory equipment used to produce a controllable, open flame.

Halley's Cometappears in The Year of the Sky-Smear, p 62

This is visible with the naked eye from Earth every seventy-five to seventy-six years.

Ku Klux Klanappears in Friends in the Klan, p. 81

This is a hate group of whites that originated in the South after the Civil War.

Penol Treatmentappears in The Penol Cures, p. 88

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