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Lesson 1 (from Out of Slave's Ransom to Washboard Wizard)


Out of Slave's Ransom to Washboard Wizard

Poetry was chosen as an interesting vehicle to display this man's life story. The objective of this lesson is to discuss why poetry was so powerful to this author and why she was so drawn to telling this story in this way.


1) Personal Response to Text: Assign each student a different poem from this book. Have them read their poem and write a response to the poem they found. Allow each student to read their poem aloud and read the response they wrote to it. Discuss this with the class. How did this poetry make you feel? What different styles were there? Which one do you like best?

2) Class Discussion: Read aloud the part where Nelson discussed her love affair with poetry. Why was Nelson so enamored with this particular style of writing? What does this say about...

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