Carver: A Life in Poems Character Descriptions

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George Washington Carverappears in Carver A Life in Poems

This former slave was an inventor and famous scientist.

Susan (Sue) Carverappears in Prayer of the Ivory-Handled Knife

This person called her adopted son the little plant-doctor and never worried about his race.

Jim Washington Carverappears in The Last Rose of Summer

This brother of a black scientist died of smallpox.

Black Colleagueappears in My People and Odalisque

These people were at the Tuskegee Institute and were angry because someone got preferential treatment.

Sarah Huntappears in The Sweet-Hearts

Before this person committed suicide, she had fond memories of a famous black scientist courting her.

George R. Bridgeforthappears in The New Rooster

This person at Tuskagee and his famous colleague fought over their poultry duties, and this person eventually won an award that his colleague deserved.

Booker T. Washingtonappears in Veil-Raisers and How a Dream Dies

This person was the...

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