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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Willoughby written a book about?
(a) The history of Rome.
(b) English Birds.
(c) His life as a young man.
(d) His travels in Europe.

2. How does Bertie feel about having Wilmot stay with him?
(a) Excited.
(b) Nervous.
(c) Imposed-upon.
(d) Upset.

3. Where is Wilmot's dog found?
(a) Locked in a closet.
(b) Lying on Bertie's bed.
(c) Tied to the kitchen table.
(d) Digging through the trash.

4. Who is Gussie?
(a) Bertie's childhood friend.
(b) Bertie's nephew.
(c) Bertie's brother.
(d) Bertie's cousin

5. What does Jeeves tell Bicky he must do in order to raise money?
(a) Visit a casino.
(b) Write and publish a story about the situation.
(c) Find a job.
(d) Sell his family heirlooms.

6. How is Wilmot described by his mother?
(a) As angelic.
(b) As quiet.
(c) As rambunctious.
(d) As sneaky.

7. At the beginning of "Jeeves Takes Charge", what does Bertie discover his valet is stealing from him?
(a) Cufflinks.
(b) Small change.
(c) Socks.
(d) Linens.

8. What worries Florence about Willoughby's book?
(a) It will make Willoughby famous.
(b) It will not be a financial success.
(c) It will take public attention away from her family.
(d) It will embarrass her family.

9. Why does his uncle finally give Bicky enough money to start his farm?
(a) He feels sorry for his nephew.
(b) He forgives Binky for tricking him.
(c) He does not want his name in the paper.
(d) He doesn't want Bicky to take up gambling.

10. What is Bertie's surname?
(a) Worplesdon.
(b) Wellbeloved.
(c) Winkworth.
(d) Wooster.

11. What is Bicky's apartment like?
(a) Large but drafty.
(b) Small and dingy.
(c) Small by stylish.
(d) Luxurious.

12. Who sends Jeeves to work for Bertie?
(a) Corky.
(b) An agency.
(c) Bertie's chauffeur.
(d) Aunt Dahlia.

13. How old is Wilmot?
(a) Thirteen years old.
(b) Seventeen yearls old.
(c) Twenty-three years old.
(d) Twenty years old.

14. Who suggests that Wilmot stay with Bertie?
(a) Uncle Willoughby.
(b) Aunt Dahlia.
(c) Aunt Agatha.
(d) Wilmot himself.

15. Why does Wilmot go to jail?
(a) For assaulting a constable.
(b) For vandalizing Bertie's flat.
(c) For stealing a pocketwatch.
(d) For jaywalking.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which city does "Jeeves Takes Charge" take place in?

2. Which state does Bicky's uncle want him to move to?

3. What does Wilmot intend to do while his mother is away?

4. What is the name of Wilmot's dog?

5. What job did Bicky's uncle originally want his nephew to do?

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