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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What title does Jeeves come up with for the work Corky sells?
(a) Love Among the Chickens.
(b) The Adventures of Baby Blobbs.
(c) One Touch of Nature.
(d) A Damsel in Distress.

2. What is the title of Willoughby's book?
(a) A Gentleman's European Travelogue.
(b) Recollections of a Long Life.
(c) How Rome Did Fall.
(d) The Bird Species of England.

3. What worries Florence about Willoughby's book?
(a) It will make Willoughby famous.
(b) It will embarrass her family.
(c) It will not be a financial success.
(d) It will take public attention away from her family.

4. What does Corky do for a living?
(a) He is an actor.
(b) He is an artist.
(c) He is a novel writer.
(d) He is a poet.

5. Who is Willoughby?
(a) Florence's neighbor.
(b) Bertie's uncle.
(c) Florence's uncle.
(d) Bertie's grandfather.

6. What had Bertie done the night before Jeeves arrives?
(a) Had an argument with his fiancee's father.
(b) Gone drinking.
(c) Gotten hit in the head by a badminton racket.
(d) Made a fool of himself at the opera.

7. What is the name of Corky's rich uncle?
(a) Harold Basset.
(b) Esmond Upjohn.
(c) Reginald Herring.
(d) Alexander Worple.

8. What kind of dog does Wilmot bring to Bertie's flat?
(a) A Labrador.
(b) A Great Dane.
(c) A fox hound.
(d) A bull terrier.

9. What is the name of Wilmot's dog?
(a) Shotter.
(b) Rollo.
(c) Bingo.
(d) Laddie.

10. What does Bertie prepare after seeing what Wilmot has been up to in his flat?
(a) A telegram to Wilmot's mother.
(b) A lawsuit.
(c) A suitcase.
(d) A hotel room for Wilmot.

11. Why does his uncle finally give Bicky enough money to start his farm?
(a) He forgives Binky for tricking him.
(b) He does not want his name in the paper.
(c) He doesn't want Bicky to take up gambling.
(d) He feels sorry for his nephew.

12. Where does Bertie go to avoid Wilmot?
(a) To a resort town.
(b) To a hotel.
(c) To his aunt's house.
(d) To stay in the country.

13. What is Bertie told to tell Lady Malvern should she return before Wilmot is out of jail?
(a) That Wilmot eloped.
(b) That Wilmot went to Boston.
(c) That Wilmot went home.
(d) That Wilmot joined a camping trip.

14. Why does Wilmot hit the constable?
(a) He knows the constable is taking bribes.
(b) He mistakes the constable for someone else.
(c) Jeeves bets him money to do it.
(d) The constable calls him a name.

15. Where does Bertie hide Willoughby's book?
(a) In a bathroom cabinet.
(b) Under his mattress.
(c) A night dresser.
(d) A linen closet.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Bicky's uncle?

2. What state is Wilmot in when he arrives back at Bertie's after his mother's departure?

3. Where does Wilmot see his mother off?

4. How long does Lady Malvern intend to leave Wilmot at Bertie's flat?

5. How does Bertie feel when Florence breaks up with him?

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