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Chapter 1-2

• Bertie Wooster fires his valet, Meadowes, for stealing silk socks.

• Bertie hires a new valet - Jeeves - after Jeeves concocts a hangover cure for him.

• Bertie's fiancée, Florence, is upset by Bertie's Uncle Willoughby's plans to publish a memoir which references her father.

• Florence tells Bertie to steal Willoughby's book before it can be sent to its publisher or else she will not marry him.

• Bertie steals and hides Willoughby's book in his room.

• Jeeves finds the book and sends it to the publisher.

• Florence breaks up with Bertie and Bertie fires Jeeves for sending the book to the publisher

• Bertie realizes he's not upset to be without Florence and that Jeeves did the right thing - he rehires Jeeves.
• Aunt Agatha sends Bertie to America to stop his cousin Gussie from marrying a girl.

• In America, Bertie's friend Corky asks for help in...

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