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Part 1: Page 1-74

• In August, 1966, a rain of stones occurs at the home of Margret White. She has a three-year-old daughter, Carrie, whom she abuses.

• Carrie comes out of the shower at gym with menstrual blood running down her legs, screaming she is bleeding to death.

• The teacher slaps her to get her under control since she doesn't know what is going on, and the lights in the bathroom pop and go out.

• Miss Desjardin, the teacher, gets Carrie to the office and explains she needs to go home.
• Mr. Morton is shocked Carrie has her first period at seventeen and that her mother never told her the facts of life.

• When he learns who Carrie's mother is, a fanatical religious zealot, he understands.

• A little boy on a bike yells at Carrie calling her a name and she concentrates on him and he topples over.

• She has...

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