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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Due to his mental illness, where is Aston sent to recover?
(a) A family home in the country.
(b) A hospital.
(c) A mental institution.
(d) Mick's house.

2. What symptom of mental illness does Aston have?
(a) Hearing voices.
(b) Hallucinations.
(c) Being violent toward others.
(d) Cutting himself.

3. Which character best fits the stereotypical portrait of a welfare recipient?
(a) Davies.
(b) The neighbor.
(c) Aston.
(d) Mick.

4. What happens after Mick lets Davies get off the floor?
(a) They get acquainted.
(b) Mick kicks Davies out.
(c) Aston comes in and yells at Mick.
(d) Davies pulls a knife on Mick.

5. What pattern is on the shirts that Aston gives Davies?
(a) Plaid.
(b) A solid color.
(c) Stripes.
(d) Checks.

6. Who is Mick altruistic toward?
(a) Aston.
(b) Nobody.
(c) Davies.
(d) The neighbor.

7. What kind of business does Mick own?
(a) Construction.
(b) Internet.
(c) Restaurant.
(d) Cafe.

8. Who does the owner of the house offer to sell it to?
(a) Aston.
(b) The neighbor.
(c) Mick.
(d) Davies.

9. What has happened to the bag in which Davies originally had his belongings?
(a) It was vandalized.
(b) It was held hostage by his former employer.
(c) It was soiled.
(d) It was stolen.

10. Which of the following does Davies not complain about?
(a) The neighbors.
(b) Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed.
(c) Sleeping with the window open.
(d) Having to wear checked shirts.

11. Who must sleep with the window open?
(a) Aston.
(b) Mick.
(c) Davies.
(d) The hired help.

12. Which character is best described as the voice of reason?
(a) Davies's former employer.
(b) Davies.
(c) Aston.
(d) Mick.

13. What is part of the job description that Aston offers Davies?
(a) Stacking books.
(b) Polishing bells.
(c) Dusting statues.
(d) Mopping floors.

14. Which of the following does Davies refuse to do throughout his life?
(a) Hold a job.
(b) Beg on the streets.
(c) Wear checkered shirts.
(d) Dress in "poor" clothing.

15. Which character can be best described as devious?
(a) Aston.
(b) Davies.
(c) the neighbor.
(d) Mick.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Aston begin to have second thoughts about taking in Davies?

2. When Davies accepts the job offer from Mick, what does he say he needs to pick up at Sidcup?

3. How does Mick show that he is the one who owns the house?

4. Which of the following is Mick least likely to do?

5. What treatment was given to Aston for his mental illness?

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