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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Davies need to go to Sidcup?
(a) He needs to report his address.
(b) He needs a new insurance card.
(c) He needs to get his papers.
(d) He needs to see a doctor.

2. Which of the following is part of the setting?
(a) A large sofa.
(b) A kitchen sink.
(c) A bathtub.
(d) A pile of shower curtains.

3. Where is the bucket located?
(a) In the bathtub.
(b) On a kitchen counter.
(c) Hanging from the ceiling.
(d) On the stove.

4. Which literary element is shown in Davies getting fired?
(a) Irony.
(b) Plot twist.
(c) Foreshadowing.
(d) Allegory.

5. What might Davies have stolen?
(a) Birth certificate.
(b) Driver's License.
(c) Insurance card.
(d) Identification card.

6. What does Davies do when Aston leaves the first morning?
(a) He cleans the house.
(b) He goes to the store.
(c) He visits the neighbors.
(d) He goes through the boxes.

7. When Aston asks Davies who was making noises at night, who does he claim made them?
(a) The neighbors.
(b) Wild animals.
(c) The house settling.
(d) A pet.

8. Which of the following is a theme in the play?
(a) Helplessness.
(b) Altruism.
(c) Homelessness.
(d) Genuiness.

9. Where does Davies sleep the first night after he is saved from a brawl?
(a) On the floor.
(b) In the monastery
(c) In Aston's backyard.
(d) The second bed.

10. How is the reader meant to feel about Aston?
(a) Awestruck.
(b) Proud.
(c) Disgusted.
(d) Suspicious.

11. According to Davies, who lives next door?
(a) Librarians.
(b) Blacks.
(c) Atheists.
(d) Hispanics.

12. What is symbolic of religion not being the reason why Aston takes in Davies?
(a) Mick's treatment of Davies.
(b) Buddha rests on a disconnected stove.
(c) Mick's treatment of Aston.
(d) The rain drops that keep falling into the bucket.

13. What is wrong with the papers that Davies cannot use them?
(a) They don't have his real name
(b) They don't have a signature.
(c) They are torn.
(d) They don't have a specific stamp.

14. What does Davies deny the first morning he wakes up?
(a) Eating breakfast.
(b) Stealing from Aston.
(c) Making noises in his sleep.
(d) Making the room a mess.

15. Why does Davies not wear Aston's shoes?
(a) They are ugly.
(b) They are missing laces.
(c) They don't fit.
(d) They are too dirty.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Davies feel his life lacks?

2. What is one word to describe Davies?

3. Why is Davies fired?

4. Why do Davies and Aston spend the time clearing things from the room?

5. What is Davies's real name?

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