The Caretaker Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the setting of Act I.

Act I's setting is one messy bedroom. There is a lot of clutter involving paint buckets, boxes, a stove, and a sink. The home is currently being renovated, explaining why the room is such a mess.

2. Why was Davies fired?

Davies was fired from his job at the restaurant because he refused to work. He felt that he was not respected at the job so he chose not to work. He was essentially being lazy.

3. How does Davies feel about being fired from the restaurant?

Davies feels that he was better than the job. He doesn't think it was something he needed to do, so he wasn't upset over being fired. He was more upset that his pride had been hurt.

4. What might the reason be for Davies being chased away from the monastery?

It is evident that Davies is demanding of the respect he feels he deserves. It is possible that he commanded undue "respect" from the people at the monastery and they felt he was being disrespectful with his demands.

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