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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the room in which Act I takes place such a mess?
(a) The tenant is just a messy person.
(b) The house is being renovated.
(c) The house has burned down.
(d) Aston is in the room illegally.

2. What or who does Aston claim he can work with?
(a) His toolbox.
(b) Mick.
(c) His hands.
(d) Davies.

3. What has happened to the bag in which Davies originally had his belongings?
(a) It was held hostage by his former employer.
(b) It was soiled.
(c) It was stolen.
(d) It was vandalized.

4. What is Mick's goal through the play?
(a) To get rid of Aston.
(b) To steal from Davies.
(c) To get rid of Davies.
(d) To get the house to himself.

5. Which character can best be described as belligerent?
(a) Davies.
(b) The neighbor.
(c) Aston.
(d) Mick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What velvet article of clothing does Davies claim to like?

2. What pattern is on the shirts that Aston gives Davies?

3. What represents Aston's good deeds?

4. What foreshadows the outcome of the story?

5. Who would be considered the real caretaker in the play?

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