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Act 1

• The play's setting is a home that is being renovated, more specifically a cluttered room in that house.

• An important element of the setting is a Buddha statue that sits on top of an unplugged stove.

• Aston brings home a tramp named Davies that he has saved from a fight.

• Davies was fired for not doing the work he was supposed to do at a restaurant.

• Davies's former employer was going to fight him until Aston rescued him.

• Davies forgot a bag of his belongings at the restaurant and doesn't have any shoes or many clothes.

• Aston allows Davies to sleep on the extra bed in the room he stays in.

• Davies makes many noises in his sleep.

• Davies denies making sounds in his sleep and blames it on the neighbors.

• Aston leaves a key to the room and some money with Davies before he leaves.

• When...

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