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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hercule Poirot do for a living?
(a) He is a detective.
(b) He is retired.
(c) He is a policeman.
(d) He is an opera guide.

2. How can vital clues be found from suspects, according to Poirot?
(a) Interrogating them till dawn.
(b) Torturing them.
(c) Digging into their pasts.
(d) Wire-tapping their homes.

3. What does the doctor give to the sleuth while leaving on his rounds?
(a) His lens.
(b) His wallet.
(c) His tape recorder.
(d) His keys.

4. How long does it take after the body of the murdered victim in Chapter 3 is removed for the sleuths to begin investigating?
(a) An hour.
(b) Five hours.
(c) Ten minutes.
(d) Thirty minutes.

5. What is Poirot making an indirect reference to by mentioning Mrs. Lorrimer's memory?
(a) A lover she had.
(b) An event in her past.
(c) A game she lost.
(d) A lie she gave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Mrs. Lorrimer able to remember very accurately from the night of the murder?

2. Where does Shaitana go and sit after everyone is paired up?

3. Who is cheerful and ebullient in nature, and seems an unlikely murder suspect?

4. What about Anne Meredith makes her an obvious target?

5. Where does Shaitana lead his guests after dinner?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Shaitana.

2. When Shaitana is discovered to be dead, who is possibly implicated in the crime by proximity?

3. What does Dr. Roberts do or say that makes him appear innocent to Battle?

4. What seems inconsistent to Poirot with Mrs. Lorrimer's apparent suicide?

5. What does Anne do in her last act of revenge?

6. What does Mrs. Lorrimer's memory about the room at Shaitana's party reveal about her?

7. What does Dr. Roberts say in response to Battle's questions about Shaitana and the other guests?

8. What is the story that Mrs. Luxmore reveals to Poirot?

9. What are Poirot's deductions about the four possible murder suspects by Chapters 24 and 25?

10. When Poirot realizes that Mrs. Lorrimer has an exceptional memory, what else does he understood about her?

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